To Brush, Spray, or Roll Paint; Exterior Painting Techniques

We all know the expression “use the right tool to do the job right.”  While it’s a common sentiment, surprisingly, it is advice often ignored when seemingly faster ways to complete a task are on hand.  At Catchlight Painting, part of our meticulous planning and execution is selecting the right tools among the many available […]

Victorian Crown Molding; Working With Historic Features

For more than 30 years, Catchlight Painting has been synonymous with historic home restoration working in a countless number of Victorian homes throughout the Greater Boston area. We are fortunate to be headquartered in a part of the country known for these beautiful historic homes, most with unique architectural features. While historic restoration can be […]

Maximalism and Minimalism: Commercial Interior Design

Interior design is crucial in creating a welcoming environment for commercial buildings. Two styles that have emerged as popular choices in recent years are maximalism and minimalism. While maximalism is all about bold colors, patterns, and textures, minimalism is known for its clean lines, simple colors, and minimal decor. This blog post will explore these […]