Tips for Interior Commercial Painting Projects

Let’s face it – many property owners have those projects they keep putting off but remain on their to-do list. An interior paint project can be one that doesn’t move on the to-do list in favor of quicker projects or mechanical tasks. However, the interior of your building contributes to the mood, atmosphere, and even productivity levels of the people who enter your space. Interior commercial painting projects are essential for the health of your property, and if you’re unsure of what the process looks like, we can give you tips for the project and an overview. 

Choosing a Commercial Painting Company

Once you embark on an interior painting job, the first step is finding a commercial painting company to work with. The company you choose to work with should be trustworthy, well-regarded, communicative, have high-quality work, and have experience in projects similar to yours. Another asset for a commercial painting company to have is ISN certification. Working with a local company that knows your property’s area will also be beneficial.

Colors and Materials

The colors and designs in a room can affect its functionality. This can make choosing colors and materials for your interior paint job seem daunting, but when you partner with a solid commercial paint company, they can offer recommendations. If you’re curious about the methodology behind choosing a paint color, researching color theory and design principles for your type of building is a way to start. If your property is associated with a brand with a certain color palette, incorporating those colors and logos into the interior of the building is also a possible strategy. 

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Understanding Your Quote

Your commercial painting company will have a consultation process and then offer you a quote. To get the most out of your quote, you should research beforehand to see what scale of a project will work with your budget. Most commercial painting companies should also walk you through a breakdown of the quote. This is also an excellent time to ask questions and bring in any expectations you have as a property owner to ensure you’re on the same page with the painting team.

Realistic Scheduling

Along with the quote, working with the commercial painting company to build a schedule is a critical step before the project begins. A strong painting company should do its best to work ahead of or on schedule. Still, if you have a particular deadline that you must meet (e.g., hosting an event in your space, financial deadline, etc.), you should still schedule the project to be finished with ample time before the deadlines in case of unforeseen delays. Interior commercial painting projects have more flexibility than exterior ones since the weather isn’t as big of a factor. However, your building’s internal conditions should still be set for a level appropriate for the project. If the painting company employs union painters, you’ll also want to ensure your project lines up with hours and holiday requirements. 

Moving Items

Any project inside your building involves taking precautions regarding your items and furniture. You’ll want to move items away from the project area while the painters are at work. You’ll also want to plan where these items will be stored ahead of time, and depending on the nature of your property, let others who use the space know where these items will be. Some painting companies can help with moving your items, but you will likely need to do extra paperwork to ensure that if any accidents do happen while moving items, the correct party is held accountable.

Make Safety a Priority

A good interior paint project is a safe interior paint project. As a property owner, you can help to keep painters safe by moving items away and letting them know about any aspects of the building they should be aware of. Painting companies typically use HEPA filters, lifts, scaffolding, dustless sanders, and more to keep their painters safe and the project running smoothly. You should also keep the rest of the building safe by letting other people know when the painting project will take place, which areas to avoid, offering different routes to take, and keeping proper signage up.

Use Quality Materials

Any renovations to your property are an investment, and you want high-quality material to be the foundation of your investment. During your initial meetings with your commercial painting company, they should be able to recommend the best materials to fit your property based on your building type and use. You may also consider additional services some painting companies provide, like floor polishing or wallcoverings. Your commercial painting company can also recommend how to ensure your new paint stays attractive and long-lasting.

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Follow-Up After the Project

Once the painting project is completed, the property owner and the painting company should touch base to check that everything was completed as planned. Client retention and loyalty mean a lot in the painting industry. If the property owner feels that the project was successful, consider staying in touch with the same commercial painting company to work with them again. Building a relationship will help both parties meet their goals.

SmithPro Is Here to Help

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